Third Eye Open – Access to Your Intuition

15. Juli 2019


Third Eye Open – Access to Your Intuition

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Activate Your Third Eye

The Third Eye allows us to look „behind the curtain“. The 6th chakra is the center of Universal Wisdom, it wants to know the truth behind everything by which we cross the boundaries of duality (transcendence).

A healthy third eye chakra allows us to recognize the truth in all that we experience in this world. You trust in your intuition and live with an inner wisdom.

If the Third Eye is blocked, then you lack the overview of your life and the ability to recognize the big picture behind your hurdles or“problems“. You can visualize badly and have a lack of imagination of your life in the near future and what you want to achieve. The sense of spirituality and the subject as such is rejected.

The following frequencies help you to a healthy 6th chakra with an open third eye:

Epsilon waves act as amplifiers for consciousness and the ability to look inside.
5.5 Hz Theta – supports your intuition and inner guidance. Promotes spiritual growth. Provides access to the all-knowing wisdom.
83 Hz opens the Third Eye
172.6 Hz Crown Chakra Stimulation


Download the mp3 here:

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